Stephanie Yonce-Headshot

Hi! I'm Stephanie.

A little about me...

I believe in hugging over handshakes, never meeting a stranger, and enjoying every moment large and small. I live in Richmond, VA with my wonderful family and two hilarious cats. :)

Why do I love Boudoir Photography?

This is the question! We should love ourselves just the way we are, right? Well, YES - we should! But that is a lot easier said than done. For me, the love of boudoir came from diving in and investing in my own session. The entire experience ended up being an incredibly valuable investment in my own self-esteem. (That's me in the photo up there - courtesy of the magnificent Marta Locklear!). I started by thinking I was doing this fun (but scary!!) thing for my husband's birthday, but by the time it was over I realized it wasn't for him at all. It was for me. You can read more about my own experience here - I hope you'll be inspired to create your own story!